Why Alpha Rho Chi?

Douglas Milburn, Alumni Association President Emeritus
Associate, igw Architecture, Champaign, Illinois

Alpha Rho Chi is responsible for where I am today. During my tenure as a student member I became much more comfortable with public speaking and coordinating and organizing events and meetings. Today, that experience has enabled me to become one of the youngest Alpha Rho Chi Alumni Association Presidents, given me the confidence to serve on the Central Illinois AIA board, participate on various local community committees, and be comfortable socializing in any setting. Most important of all, Alpha Rho Chi helped me develop in to a great critical thinker, and this has enabled me to realize what it is that I truly want to do in life. I have gained several of my closest friends through my association with Alpha Rho Chi and I have an instant bond with countless Alpha Rho Chi members all across the nation. Through these friendships I have learned a lot, both professionally and socially and these lessons have enabled me to become the successful young professional that I am. Get ready for one of the best experiences of your life. Being a member of Alpha Rho Chi will bring you closer to people that you have ever been before as you life, work, travel together all during your collegiate tenure. The best part is that it does not stop once you graduate college. Being a member of Alpha Rho Chi is a life long gift that will keep giving year round for the rest of your life.

Danielle Likvan, Alumni Association President
Administrative Assistant, Department of the Interior, Office of Inspector General, Reston, VA

I have gained an incredible amount of confidence and have become a professional with great people skills. I learned how to handle basically any situation between being a pledge, an active member, a board member, and now as the Vice President of the Alumni Association. I have become more articulate and have learned how to stand out as a leader. I have explored my interests and developed my skills at event planning and coordination. I have been at my best and my worst with my brothers, and after all is said and done, your brothers are always there for you. They will stand by you, protect you, and teach you things that you never thought possible. You have the opportunity to increase your learning exponentially through situations outside of the classroom. You will be given the chance to be a leader, to share your ideas and see them come to fruition. You will grow as an individual as well as a member of a team. Most of all, you will have made a choice that will no doubt change your life!